The Foundations Chorus


Program Information

The Foundations Chorus is a non-auditioned ensemble open to anyone regardless of musical background, training, or ability. Anyone can be a member. The Foundations Chorus and its members are officially part of the Chorus of Westerly organization. You will be a singing "member" of the Chorus family, but you will be a member of the Foundations program specifically and not our main symphonic performance chorus (the auditioned ensemble - and you can audition for that program if you wish, call 401.596.8663 for more details). 

How is this different from the symphonic chorus?First, the symphonic chorus requires adults to pass a musical audition. The symphonic chorus sings all the regular ticketed performances and Pops concerts of the Chorus of Westerly's season. There is a certain level of commitment and ability associated with the symphonic ensemble that are more demanding musically and in terms of time. Children and teens are part of that ensemble of the Chorus. The Foundations Chorus does not require an audition and its purposes are different from the main chorus. First, the Foundations Chorus serves as an outlet for all those who wish to make quality music with a community of singers. Secondly, it provides a rehearsal pace that gives singers of varying abilities the time to learn repertoire and grow as musicians. And, finally, it serves as a musical training choir of sorts for adult singers, giving those who might not have a deep musical background the fundamental musicianship tools to become confident and independent musicians. The ensemble does not perform as part of the Chorus of Westerly’s main performances or as part of the regular concert season, but instead has their own informal concerts throughout the season.

Foundations Chorus Semesters
The Foundations Chorus ensemble rehearses at the George Kent Performance Hall on Monday evenings, 7 pm to 8:30 pm. Rehearsals will begin in September and run through to the spring. 

Rehearsal Attendance
We expect you at as many rehearsals as you can attend. It is as much about learning music as it is singing and performing it, so missing rehearsals is not ideal. That said, attendance policies are less stringent than the symphonic ensemble. 


Registration and Cost
All Chorus of Westerly members pay dues to participate in our programs (regardless of ensemble or age). Dues for the Foundations Chorus are $200 for the year, or $100 per semester. Financial aid and payment plans can be discussed on a case by case basis, but there are limited funds. 

To register call 401.596.8663 and speak with Jill Hirst, or send her an email at You can also email Jill Hirst at Please send to her your name, telephone number she can reach you at, address, and what you think your voice part might be (if you do not know, that is perfectly okay, we can help you figure that out later). She will then get back in touch with you via email or phone and ensure you get a registration form. Finally, you can also come into the George Kent Performance Hall during regular business hours. 

Who directs the Foundations Chorus?
Our director of education Genvieve Spitale and artistic associate Kathryn Aaron direct the ensemble in each rehearsal. Rehearsals consist of not only time to sing but also time to learn some basic music fundamentals at a speed appropriate to the group assembled. 

More about Kathryn Aaron

Ms. Aaron comes to the Chorus of Westerly with a solid background in vocal training, music education, choral singing, and conducting. Additionally, she has extensive experience working with youth and adult singers, professionals and volunteers, in many different types of choirs. During her professional tenure, Ms. Aaron has worked extensively with many Early Music and Baroque ensembles including Catacoustic Consort, Eudaimonia, Pomerium, and the American Baroque Orchestra. She has also shared the stage with many important conductors including Masaaki Suzuki, Simon Carrington, Helmut Rilling, and recently worked with Ian Watson and the Arcadia Players. Beyond her performance background, Ms. Aaron is true scholar and student of music. She holds degrees from the Peabody Conservatory of Music at Johns Hopkins, the Jacob School of Music at Indiana University, and the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale. Her professional conducting work as taken to her to churches and institutions across New England where she has had extensive experience teaching children and adult amateurs how to sing and read music, both in sacred and secular traditions. 

If you have more questions on the Foundations Chorus feel free to email any of our artistic staff members.

Andrew Howell -
Kathryn Aaron -
Genvieve Spitale -

You can also call the office on weekdays during business hours - 401.596.8663.

A Choral Training Program of the Chorus of Westerly for Adults

In February of 2020, the Chorus of Westerly launched a second choral ensemble for adults, the Foundations Chorus. The Foundations Chorus is open to absolutely anyone to participate in regardless of your ability to sing, your background in music or your musical training. This is open to all and WE WANT YOU TO JOIN!