Artistic Programs

The Chorus of Westerly serves its community by offering unique musical education and performance experience. The current offerings of the Chorus of Westerly include an ever-expanding array of programs for both young people and adults of all ages.


Children (as young as 8) and adults of any age may sing as full members of the Chorus of Westerly. Each singer will get a chance to rehearse, prepare, and eventually perform in a serious, high quality, and artistically demanding environment should they become members of the Chorus itself. A singing member will get a chance to perform with the Chorus locally, regionally, and internationally the major Choral works of the last 500 years with full symphonic orchestras and professional soloists. All singing members will also have access to music education programs to strengthen their musical fundamentals and skills and voice work.

The singers are mostly all of equal rank in the organization, but for rehearsal and preparation purposes are grouped into several levels:

Level 1 – Training Chorister (Youth)
Level 2 – Junior Chorister (Youth)
Level 3A – Full Chorister (Youth)
Level 3B – Adults 

The full chorister young singers and adults are considered the same level in terms of their musicianship, rehearsal demands, music education program, and performance expectations. 


Symphonic Chorus performance led by Maestro Andrew Howell

The Foundations Chorus is open to absolutely anyone to participate in regardless of your ability to sing, your background in music or your musical training. This is open to all and WE WANT YOU TO JOIN!


The Chorus of Westerly has developed two pre-chorister programs for children from Birth to age 5. These programs are designed to introduce children to music and a much more basic level. 

Messiah Sing!

New Education & Outreach Programs

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In partnership with the United Theatre, this new 21+ monthly program is a choir for one night only where participants can grab a drink and sing a popular song with the United Theatre's House Band.

Monthly, check event page for specific dates.

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This outreach program brings musical experiences to the residents of Stoneridge Senior Living Community.

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This ensemble learns and performs comforting music to provide comfort to those who are approaching the ending stages of life.

Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm

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This ensemble learns and performs comforting music to provide comfort to those who are approaching the ending stages of life.

Upcoming sessions begin this Fall.