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All of our in-house offerings have concluded for the summer of 2022.


is located at

36 High Street

Westerly, RI 02891

Visit for more information, including memberships and how to sign up for Little Voices

Playwell is a gathering place for families where children can play in spaces designed to engage their minds through hands-on exploration. Located just a short walk away from The Chorus of Westerly, Genviéve Spitale will lead Little Voices classes on specific dates throughout the summer!

Little Voices @ Playwell Class Dates

  • Wednesday, July 20

  • Wednesday, July 27

  • Wednesday, August 10

  • Wednesday, August 17

Website M&M Page (1350 × 700 px) (1).png
Website M&M Page (1350 × 700 px) (1).png

As always, if you have questions about Little Voices or any of our other education programs, please don't hesitate to email Genviéve Spitale at, or call the offices at (401) 596-8663.