The Chorus of Westerly is now actively searching for new adult singers and child and teen singers for its 63rd concert season.

There are many paths for you to sing with the Chorus of Westerly for both Adults and Children - with and without experience! See below for more details.

Adults or parents of children interesting in singing in any program with the Chorus should immediately email Andrew Howell ( or Genviéve Spitale ( or call them at 401.596.8663.



Adults have two possible paths of singing with the Chorus of Westerly: 

1. The Symphonic Chorus program (auditioned)
2. The Foundations Chorus program (non-auditioned)

1. The Symphonic Chorus meets weekly on Tuesday evenings  at 7:30 pm 
and is the ensemble, with the children and teens of the Chorus of Westerly, that sings the regular Chorus of Westerly concert season. The season includes, typically, preparing for and performing a major choral/symphonic concert series for concerts in the late fall and late spring, another spring-time a cappella or choral/piano type concert, Christmas Pops in December and Summer Pops in June. This is also the Chorus that tours every 4 to 5 years internationally.

Adults in the Symphonic Chorus are AUDITIONED by the music director on a rolling basis by appointment only (email Auditions consist of singing a prepared musical selection and a variety of vocal and aural exercises. Specific details will be offered to potential singers when they book their audition appointment. For adults to be accepted into the symphonic program (which rehearses on Tuesday evenings), basic musicianship, singing experience, vocal quality, and a commitment to the full Chorus concert season is expected. Dues for the Symphonic Chorus are $200 for the entire season. Financial assistance and scholarship (or payment plans) is available to all singers.

2. The Foundations Chorus (adults 18 and older) meets weekly on Monday evenings at 7 pm and is a fully non-auditioned ensemble. You do not have to audition to join, you can just call the office or email Genviéve Spitale ( to sign-up.  The Foundations Chorus is a non-auditioned ensemble open to anyone regardless of your musical background, training, or ability, even your ability or talent to sing. Anyone can be a member as long as you register and pay your membership dues. 

The Foundations Chorus goals are different from the Symphonic Chorus. First, the Foundations Chorus serves as an outlet for all those who wish to make quality music with a community of singers. Secondly, it provides a rehearsal pace that gives singers of varying abilities the time to learn repertoire and grow as musicians. And, finally, it serves as a musical training choir of sorts for adult singers, giving those who might not have a deep singing or musical background the fundamental musicianship tools to become confident and independent musicians. The ensemble does not perform as part of the Chorus of Westerly’s main performances or as part of the regular concert season, but instead will have their own informal concerts at certain times.

Dues for the FoundationChorus are $200 for the entire season. Financial assistance and scholarship (or payment plans) is available to all singers.

Children and teens have several paths to in the Chorus of Westerly or one of its programs.


1. The Main Symphonic Program (kids ages 8 to 18/senior year of high school). The Chorus of Westerly has always included children and teens in its Symphonic Chorus ranks and invites any interested youngster (over age 8) to join its programs. Children and teens are NOT required to have advanced training, experience in music or singing, or any sort of formal training prior to joinung the program. It is our mission to train and teach them. We do ask, however, that prospective new child and teenage singers contact the Chorus (email Andrew at or Genviéve at to set-up an informal audition time. The purpose of this relaxed audition is simply to serve as a tool for Mr. Howell to assess the child's current musical ability and voice, and then place them at the appropriate choir level with the symphonic program. Subject to the level they are placed at, they will sing most (if not all) of the concerts in the regular symphonic season (including Summer and Christmas Pops). Dues for the Symphonic Chorus are $200 for the entire season. Financial assistance and scholarship (or payment plans) is available to all singers. 

2. For Grades 4/5 - Westerly & Stonington Elementary Schools. The Chorus of Westerly will be running this year a FREE after school choir program in every Westerly and Stonington elementary schools. The Stonington school program will begin sometime in October and the Westerly program at the end of September. The program will be offered to students in grade 4 in Westerly and grade 5 in Stonington. Parents should please contact your school office for more details and how to sign-up. At present, the schedule of what day in which school is: Mondays at Springbrook (Westerly), Tuesdays at Dunn's Corners (Westerly), Wednesdays at State Street (Westerly), and the Stonington schools to be announced.



Questions can be emailed to Genvieve Spitale ( or Andrew Howell ( or by calling 401.596.8663.