• Ryan Saunders

Ryan's email on tour - Feb 27

Dear Tour Participants –

Please read this email carefully and completely as soon as possible.

1. Wednesday's tour meeting audio (1 hour) is online at:

2. An updated itinerary is attached to this email. If you were at the meeting, you received this in hard copy form on Wednesday.



At the meeting, we talked through the various excursion items available for the tour. Everyone present was handed a sheet where they could fill out selecting excursions. We asked that you return the sheet by this coming Friday at 5 pm to the office. We also noted we would put the survey online so you could fill it out that way. The survey IS now online.

For those who want to fill it out online and/or were not in attendance at the meeting, we need EVERYONE to fill out the survey online now. This includes singers, followers, guest musicians, staff, and, for kids going on tour - parents please fill it out for your children. We need you to do this ASAP and no later than Friday at 5 pm. This survey will let us know your various selections, interests, and preferences for various excursion items. It is critical everyone does this form this week as we are looking to confirm various items in Germany. If you would rather submit using the paper form, you can do that instead. We do not need you to fill out both online and paper. One or the other is fine.

Everyone must fill out either the online form or paper form THIS WEEK.

It is an easy survey to do and it is available online at this address:

The password for the survey is AndrewHowell (yes, it is the same password for the tour info site on our homepage).

The questions on the survey, beyond identifying yourself, should be fairly self explanatory. But, if you have questions, do not hesitate to call the office at 401.596.8663 or email Ashley ( this week during business hours.

Note, you will not be paying any money just yet for any of these excursions, that process will come in about a month. Right now, we need to know numbers for various things and coach buses, so this is ultra important everyone participates now.

I can't stress enough how important it is for you to do this survey this week by Friday evening.

The survey should take you no more than 15 minutes.

4. Passport. Get it now if you do not have it.

5. Tour Central. Log in to tour central today if you have not already.

Questions? Call the office at 401.596.8663 or email

All best,


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