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Kent Hall Parking Guidelines

Parking in and around Kent Hall is tight. Parking anywhere is at your own risk. The Chorus of Westerly accepts NO responsibility or liability for your vehicle. If you park in an area that you shouldn't or on private property without permission, your vehicle may be towed without notice to you or us. 


Where NOT to Park at any time

  • the four parking spots directly in front of Bess Eaton

  • in the second/unused driveway of Bess Eaton - at any time of day

  • in the parking lot/spaces in front of Golden Years, Reale's Grocery or the Reale's house next door

  • on High Street directly in front of Kent Hall or Reale's Grocery

  • anywhere in the parking lot or property of Antonino's Auto Service

  • in the parking lot of 117 High Street (our neighbor) 

  • the parking lot at 116 High Street (the old school/now office building - this is for Gold Star patrons).

Do not block any garage, driveway, of any home or any business. Do not park in the middle of the lot between Kent Hall and Bess Eaton. Do not block any part of the Bess Eaton dumpsters or dumpster fence. Park only in marked spots in the lot. Do not make up a parking spot and "be creative" in your parking. Please be aware, Bess Eaton owns the parking lot, not the Chorus.

Where you CAN park

  • Riverhead Building Supply Parking Lot on Oak Street. Park here at your own risk.
    Riverhead is generally okay with us parking in their Oak Street lot when the business is closed* as long as you are in a space and trucks can still drive through.
           *After 5PM weekdays, After 12PM Sat., all day Sun.

  • Street parking
    Street parking is at your own risk, but free and ample around the hall. You can park in legal spaces, unless marked no parking, on most of Oak Street, Railroad Avenue, Spruce Street, Narragansett Avenue, and some portions of High Street. 

Other notes....

  • Jay Street: We ask kindly that you avoid parking on Jay Street so that the residents who live there can find parking at night near their homes. 

  • The Gaffney Dolan Funeral home lots on Spruce Street (one block away) are sometimes available to us on concert weekends - do not park here without express staff permission given via email.

  • Above all, make extra efforts never to block a door, a driveway, a business, or inhibit the flow of traffic - even if the business is closed as many of them work after hours without customers. Some of the area businesses have informed us that they will tow cars without warning.

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