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Concert Attire

Whether this is your first concert or your fiftieth, please take a moment to review these guidelines!

The base of your concert outfit is all black

(and it must be black, not navy blue or dark gray)


A solid black top with no embellishments, logos, or anything reflective. Simple and functional is fine. Your shoulders need to be covered and your sleeve length should be 3/4 length or longer. Trebles (boys), Tenors, and Basses, please wear button-down black shirts. If you wear an undershirt, it must be black (not white, not gray, not navy). 


Nice black slacks, pants, or skirts. Pants should be floor length; skirts must be midi or maxi length. Please wear black socks, stockings, or nylons. Please avoid jeans. For shoes, black shoes with ZERO other colors showing (seriously, they must be all black). 


Try to wear jewelry that is simple and subtle. We ask for no large visible necklaces or large earrings. Please also wear nothing too sparkly for this concert (but, if sparkle is your thing, good news, at Christmas Pops you can wear sparkly stuff)! 


The Chorus wears Tour Medallions for its performances. If you have been on a tour, you own and possess one. Please bring it and wear it - we do not have extras for you. If you have NOT yet been on a tour (adults and/or kids or teens) we will lend you one on concert weekend. 


A couple of things to note...

  • Rehearsals:
    You can wear anything you are comfortable wearing. It can get warm on the risers during rehearsals, so layers are encouraged. You should wear comfortable shoes. It is a lot of standing.


  • Smell Good but Smell Neutral:
    Please wear deodorant for rehearsal and the performance - but please do not wear one that is overwhelmingly powerful in its smell. Please do not wear cologne, strong aftershaves, body sprays, or perfumes. We recognize some folks might really love Old Spice or French Vanilla Lattes, but a lot of other folks might not - and you are in close quarters for a long time up there - so please, smell good, but smell neutral. One other thing, please - if you smoke anything - we kindly ask you not smoke before you go up on the risers at a rehearsal or a concert. That's a tough scent up there for three hours on end. 

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