Chorus of Westerly 2016

Children's Choral Camp at Ogontz -
For Active Children and Teens in The Chorus of Westerly

Chorus members at Camp Ogontz

Camp Dates for 2014 are Saturday, August 9, 2014 to Friday, August 15, 2014. Any child who is in the Chorus by August 1 is welcome to go to camp. Children may join the Chorus as long as they will be 8 years old or older by September 15, 2014.

Fees are very reasonable for the week and are distributed by the office.

Each August the children and teenagers of the Chorus of Westerly trek to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to Camp Ogontz for a week long music camp to prepare for the extensive season of singing ahead.  Under the careful direction of Chorus leadership, the young singers have a chance to learn the upcoming season’s music and further develop their musical skills. Camp is the first step in the valuable musical education which the Chorus provides.

In addition to music making, Camp is also a chance for our young singers to get to know each other in a fun, social setting outside of rehearsals.  The result of this is life long friendships which many of our alumni still cherish today.  Campers participate in a variety of activities which include:  swimming, boating, arts and crafts, tennis, baking, and golf, snipe hunts, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, talent shows, dances, and many, many more.

Chorus children and teens are not required to go to camp, but it is strongly suggested that they attend. It gives them the proper start to the Chorus year and connects them deeply with their fellow Chorus singers. For veteran Chorus children, this is a highlight of their year! 

The Staff
The Camp is staffed by a carefully screened group of veteran adult singers (including alumni of the Chorus, current Chorus singers, and others). Many of these adults have been singing with the Chorus for many years. Most of them sang as children with the group. The camp session is co-directed by Andrew Howell and Ryan Saunders.

The adult staff is responsible for running all aspects of camp life, from instructional swim to helping the campers with KP to running carnivals, all the while attending rehearsals and making sure each camper is having a wonderful camp experience.

About Camp Ogontz
The Ogontz White Mountain Camp, a 350-acre private retreat center, hosts a variety of different groups and events.  During its regular summer season, running from Memorial Day through late September, Ogontz plays host to music workshops, symposia, weddings, family reunions, and other functions.

Ogontz is located beside a mountain stream and nestled deep within the forests of New Hampshire’s White Mountains complete with its own lake with mountain view.  Since 1993, Ogontz has been owned and operated by George and Lynn Kent.   

Camp Ogontz 


Housing at Ogontz
Campers stay in open-sided cabins with three to four other people.  Each cabin is supervised by a counselor, (a teenager also singing in the Chorus), who also stays in the cabin.  The rustic cabins are open on three sides with a back wall consisting of five or six cubbies for storage and changing and are furnished with beds, bedside tables and canvas flaps which are rolled down at night and during inclement weather.  All cabins have lights and electricity.  There are several large and clean restroom facilities located just a short walk from the cabins complete with hot water, showers and sinks.


Dining at Ogontz
Ogontz is equipped with a full commercial kitchen and bakery and provides all meals at camp.  Breakfasts always include cold cereal, oatmeal, fresh fruit, assorted juices and hot beverages with the entrée changing daily.  A typical lunch could include sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads.  Dinners range from barbequed chicken to spaghetti with meatballs and always include salad and vegetables.  Desserts are always served with both lunch and dinner and never disappoint!

Climate at Ogontz
Because of the camp’s location, the temperatures often vary from day to day and from daytime to nighttime.  Daytime temperatures can range from 60-90 degrees, with nighttime temperatures dropping into the 40s and 50s.

A Typical Choir Camp Day


7:30 am: Reveille/wakeup
8:00 am: Breakfast
9:00 am: Treble (boys) rehearsal
Girls instructional swim
10:00 am: Girls rehearsal
Trebles instructional swim
11:00 am: Morning sign-up activity
noon: Lunch
1:00 pm: Rest hour/Tenor & Bass rehearsal
2:00 pm: General rehearsal
3:00 pm: General activity
4:00 pm: Free Swim
5:00 pm: Free time
6:00 pm: Dinner
7:30 pm: Evening activity
9:15 pm: Evening End of Day activity
9:30 pm: Taps/lights out (older teens may stay up for another hour)